I’m Joseph Pender, a freelance web and mobile designer/developer living in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I specialize in the design and development in web sites, mobile sites and mobile applications for small business websites, wedding industry websites, personal blogs and communities and eCommerce shops. I also work full time at VistaComm, a local web development studio here in Sioux Falls.

I’ve been involved in computer graphics and development for over 5+ years, starting first with CG animation and video before moving into interactive media such as video games and websites. During that period I’ve attended the Art Institute of Atlanta and Wayne Community College (Goldsboro, NC) program taking coursework classes in those related art, graphical and interactive programming fields.

With a associates degree in Computer Programming from Northeast Community College in Norfolk, NE, I have an entire arsenal of skills to bring to the table when designing and developing websites and applications for the modern digital landscape.

Programming Skills

Design Skills